Rayzone Group utilizes intelligence expertise, operational experience, and in-house engineers to deliver boutique intelligence-based solutions for national agencies worldwide. Along with delivering flexible solutions, Rayzone Group’s focus is on improving awareness of the threat, developing capabilities to prepare and respond and enhancing government agencies’ capabilities. This is why their methodology is to offer a holistic ecosystem comprised of three solution types – stand-alone systems, integrated systems, and end-to-end turnkey national projects – to fill in the missing pieces. While providing a comprehensive solution portfolio, they also deploy an agile and forward-thinking approach to deliver the right results – effectively and efficiently. 

In creating this ecosystem, Rayzone incorporates a methodical approach that redefines data collection and brings intelligence gathering and analysis to new levels. Although extensive communications know-how led to their development of a range of remote and proximity solutions that enables easy accessibility without connectivity, Rayzone doesn’t expect any single system to present the full intelligence picture. Instead, they offer a platform that integrates in-house systems, third-party systems and customer databases into a unified whole, leaving end users with “one-click intelligence deployment” at their fingertips.